Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of Medicine, dating back thousands of years. It is used for both the prevention and treatment of disease. It is known to help everything from: skin conditions, to infections, to pain associated with acute and chronic neuromusculoskeletal issues, to more complex internal health problems and even emotional imbalances such as stress, anxiety and depression. The principle of acupuncture is based on energy, or Qi, also spelled Chi (pronounced chee). In Western Medicine Qi would be our body’s electrical energy. The ancient Chinese developed acupuncture by studying how this energy controls and regulates our bodily functions. They found that Qi moves through our bodies through meridians or channels. Symptoms occur when energy becomes stuck or blocked in any one or more meridians or there is an imbalance of Qi within the channels. This energy balance is commonly known as the balance between Yin and Yang. With acupuncture we help to remove blockages and restore the natural balance and flow of energy, this in turn helps improve symptoms and restore health.

There are different styles of acupuncture and hundreds of different acupuncture points. The points are distributed throughout the different channels. An acupuncture treatment typically involves placing very thin needles into carefully chosen points to remove a blockage or to stimulate the flow of energy. The number of needles used will vary anywhere from two to twenty. Dr. Clemens will determine what points will be needled in a session after a consultation to discuss your symptoms, health history and after performing a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) evaluation. Acute symptoms may require as few as two to four sessions; however, chronic cases may require twelve or more treatments over the course of six to twelve weeks. Regular monthly visits are often suggested to maintain health, improve energy, boost immunity and decrease stress.

Acupuncture alone can be very effective in treating symptoms. However, efficacy is often accelerated with the incorporation of other therapies. Dietary changes, supplements, herbal remedies, massage and chiropractic can all improve success. Call Natural Health Chiropractic & Wellness at 630-357-0100 and schedule your acupuncture appointment with Dr. Clemens DC, CCAc today!