Nutritional Counseling

At Natural Health Chiropractic & Wellness we believe healing begins within. The age-old adage of “you are what you eat” is entirely true. One of the most important ways to achieve health is by eating and drinking enough of the nutrients we need to support every cell in our body. Unfortunately that is hard to do these days. Life gets busy and we often eat on the go, organic food is expensive and the overall nutrient value of food is declining compared to food decades ago. Our bodies need very specific nutrients to sustain life, heal and fight germs and disease. While the right foods bring health the wrong foods will cause a lack of health. At NHCW we offer many products and services to optimize your nutritional health and wellbeing.

Supplements: At NHCW we offer a full range of supplements to help bridge the gap between the nutrients you are getting and what your body needs. We also have a system to identify nutrient deficiencies based on your symptoms and how your body is functioning. Through this process we are often able to help digestive problems, sleeping issues, headaches, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalances such as: those that cause PMS, irregular periods and peri-menopausal symptoms as well as many others. Our system also helps us identify problems before traditional medical tests will and work to resolve them without using prescription drugs or surgery.

ALCAT: Dr. Clemens DC, CCAc is a registered ALCAT provider. The ALCAT test is a blood test to determine sensitivities to foods, food additives, herbs, molds and environmental toxins. These sensitivities can be a cause for many health concerns, such as skin issues, digestive problems, joint pain, autoimmune issues, inflammation, migraines and more. Once you know what foods will trigger a reaction you can avoid them allowing your body the ability to heal and symptoms to improve.

Detoxification/Cleansing: Toxins are everywhere. They’re in our air, water, food, clothes and upholstery of cars, couches and beds to name a few. These chemical toxins can over burden our bodies and make it difficult to function well and/or heal properly. At NHCW we have 10 and 21 day cleanses to help safely eliminate toxins and get you back to your full health potential.

Weight Loss / Diet: Struggling with weight can be a life long process. At Natural Health Chiropractic & Wellness we understand the ups and downs that come with finding a healthy weight. Dr. Clemens teaches habits for health and weight loss for long-term success. She will work with you on food selection, calories and safe exercises.

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